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Eating a healthy diet and exercising are great for losing weight and toning your body. Although this may be your main motivation for moving, the healthy lifestyle has many other, awesome benefits you may never have thought of until now. Here are eight other reasons to get your life back in shape.

Your brain: It goes without saying that good nutrition can boost your brain power, but did you know that exercise can help as well? Exercising regularly can increase blood flow to your brain, helping your memory and even making you more creative. So jump on the elliptical if you are in need of some inspiration.

Your skin and hair: A diet low in processed foods and sugars and high in protein and vitamins will show up in ways you might not expect. A great nutritional and exercise plan will help to clear up your skin, make your hair lustrous and soft, and even make your nails grow out harder and faster. Fight wrinkles with vitamins A, C, and E. Get your fatty acids from fish to solve dry skin problems. Eat fresh fruits and veggies for skin and nail boosters. You won't regret it!

Your sex life: Having a hard time staying in the moment? If your partner is kissing you and all you can think about it how you're going to get all those chores done tomorrow, you may be low on exercise. Exercise can help boost endurance in the bedroom, keep your mind focused on your body, increase blood flow, and makes your body more sensitive to touch. Who knew your daily bouts on the treadmill would have this much benefit?

Your stress: Stress is a prevalent part of our lives. Between work, significant others, kids, cleaning, and trying to find a minute for yourself, stress may be overtaking your life. Don't let it! Long-term stress can cause diseases like heart failure and strokes. Some studies have even shown stress to lower the function of all of your organs and immune system. Don't let stress get the better of you; exercise it away. Exercise brings up you endorphin levels and helps you to battle all that stress.

Your sleep: Did you know that just thirty minutes of exercise a day can improve your sleep? It helps to battle insomnia and poor sleep quality by regulating the chemicals that make you sleepy and make you wake up, like melatonin.

Your mood: Exercise is a type of meditation for the body. Repetitive movement helps to release endorphins in the body, and dissipates mild depression and stress. A great diet will help as well; did you know proteins are awesome mood boosters? A high-protein diet full of omega-3 and good fats, while low in carbs and sugars, will make you happier, all while helping you trim your waistline. Who knew steak was good for your mood?

Your energy: Getting up and moving around for thirty minutes a day, be it running or yoga, weight training or swimming, is better than caffeine at boosting your energy!

Your lifespan: Just a couple of minutes of exercise a day can help to prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Recent studies have even hinted that exercise may help to prevent certain types of cancers. A healthy diet can help prevent diabetes and heart disease. So keep your brain and body disease-free by getting back in shape.

Your confidence: Studies have shown that people who exercise three times a week are happier with their bodies, even if they don't lose weight. A healthy lifestyle may not make you model skinny, but it will make you more content with your body. Nothing like a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Getting into a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but the benefits are certainly worth it! Start slowly, and work your way into a healthier diet and lifestyle by introducing small changes. Add some spinach salad to your meals. Replace some of your sugary drinks everyday with water. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Replace your regular pizza and soda night with fish dishes.

The most important thing is stay consistent and never give up! Here is to a fitter and healthier you for life!

Albert Rania from Albert R Fitness Solutions


This article "It is Not Just About Your Looks: Awesome Other Reasons for Healthy Lifestyle" first appeared in 27 March 2014 of the Albert R Fitness Solutions newsletter.


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