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What services does Body Ovation by Albert R Fitness Solutions offer?
Are there any age limits on doing the program?
Why Train online with Body Ovation (formally Albert R Fitness Solutions) and How does it work?
Can I just get the Nutritional Meal Plans?
I am outside of Australia can I still take part in your health and fitness plan?
Do you offer one on one person training? If so where are the held?
What form of Payment do you accepted?
I heard personal trainer cannot give meal plans? If so why is a meal plan included?
Do you offer a free health and fitness consultation?
Do you offer a discount?
Why should a client hire or use Body Ovation by Albert R Fitness Solutions) over another service provider?
What experience, skills, qualifications or training does Albert R Fitness Solutions have to make me the right person for the job?
What questions do clients most commonly ask and what is my answer?
Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?
My question is not listed here can you still help?`

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