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24/7 Personal Training Coming from Albert R Fitness Solutions

Albert R Fitness Solutions is turning the fitness world on its head with the launch of the 7 Week Challenge 24/7 Personal Training, is a  service that the gives everyone affordable access to real personal trainer 7 day a week. The 7 Week Challenge 24/7 Personal Training started in March 2014 and took the health and fitness world by storm.

The Albert R Fitness Solutions 7 Week Challenge 24/7 Personal Training program will be an exciting addition to the health and fitness industry. They are offering everyone who wants to get fitter and healthier an affordable way to work with a personal trainer for just $125 for 7 weeks. So everyone can be a fitter and healthier version of themselves.

The program is a 24/7 personal training and nutrition online lifestyle program that you access from anywhere in the world! Clients receive tailor-made workout plan as well as a tailor-made "real food" meal-plan designed by a team of highly trained and qualified nutritionists and dietitians so they can reach their health and fitness goals safely and efficiently.

Clients can access video of each exercise in their training planning via their mobile or computer so they see and do the exercise right along with trainer. Every client received unlimited support via email, text message, video call, phone, and online chat from owner and certified trainer Albert Rania as well as access to exclusive Albert R Fitness Solutions Social Hub. The program is designed for a client around the client's schedule and likes as well as dislikes and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are 24/7 gyms but I do not see many 24/7 personal trainers. The 7 Week Challenge 24/7 Personal Training program was created because one hour with a personal trainer 2 or 3 times a week just doesn’t give my clients extraordinary customer service. I give them the support they deserve, and they do not have to wait until they see their personal trainer again. The 7 Week Challenge 24/7 Plan gives them what they need and deserve.” says Albert Rania owner and certified personal trainer of Albert R Fitness Solutions.


Sister's passing leads to fitness extraordinaire

 It often takes a dramatic experience to change a person’s life, including weight loss, but to lose a loved one in order to make a change in your own life is a different experience altogether.

The weight loss industry is one of the largest money making industries through the sale of fad pills and diet products, however people need to know weight loss is not easy and is not a fad.  No pill by itself can do it for anyone long term, it has to be a mental change.  

It wasn’t until the day Albert Rania, a middle aged man from Sydney Australia, received a phone call from his parents in the USA that his sister had suddenly passed away from Cancer at a young age that Albert decided he could no longer live in an obese world.



Overweight to personal trainer Man on mission to help others be fit!

 Almost everyone says they want to lose weight. What they should be saying is "I want to be fit and healthy." Fad diets do not work, if you do lose weight you will normally gain it back and more often than not add a little extra to go with it. That is because they only address one aspect of the health and fitness equation, weight. Most people do not realise that weight is the last part of the equation not the first.

Few dieting and exercise methods have been found to make a statistical significance difference in weight loss attempts. However, a personal trainer is proven to increase the likelihood of meeting health and fitness goals.

The full article is here


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