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Almost everyone says they want to lose weight. What they should be saying is "I want to be fit and healthy." Fad diets do not work, if you do lose weight you will normally gain it back and more often than not add a little extra to go with it. That is because they only address one aspect of the health and fitness equation, weight. Most people do not realise that weight is the last part of the equation not the first.

Few dieting and exercise methods have been found to make a statistical significance difference in weight loss attempts. However, a personal trainer is proven to increase the likelihood of meeting health and fitness goals. Albert R Fitness Solutions is providing an opportunity to access a personal trainer and continual support online throughout the health and fitness journey. Albert Rania has been personally through the experiences of being overweight, struggling with exercise and dieting fads, and has committed himself to supporting others through their journey.

Utilising the 7 Week Challenge, Albert Rania will do more than help you slim down. Clients of the program will learn about the importance of proper nutrition in promoting their fitness goals. This is combined with increasing mental focus and cleansing oneself of negativity, so members will surround themselves with an environment that can provide the ease of access and support that is vital for busy Australians to change their lifestyles for the better.

The 7 Week Challenge focuses on creating real dietician and nutritionists approved meal plans that are not only delicious and healthy, but inspire members to feel positive about their choices. Empowering each person to take personal responsibility for their choices and holding all members accountable is the key to the success of the program. By allowing each member to tailor the lifestyle choices to their own needs and desires, the likelihood that these changes will become permanent will increase, and members will benefit from being able to control their lives and maintain control over their fitness journey. Positive choices celebrated as a team with Albert personally supporting and celebrating your achievements.

Albert Rania has succeeded where may others have failed, and he wants to show you how to succeed through your own commitment and focus and will provide support every step of the way. Utilising today's technology such as your computers, tablets and smart-phones, nutrition, exercise and positive reinforcement is accessible at the touch of a button at any hour. You provide input every step of your program from meal plans to workout challenges; the programs are entirely designed to your lifestyle and fitness ability. There is no excuse to not living a fitter healthier lifestyle with it available at your fingertips and Albert providing continual encouragement. Albert R Fitness offers a complete online health and fitness experience and focuses on the importance of changing the outlook on life, not just the intake into the body. Albert R Fitness Solutions is all about being a fitter and healthier you.

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