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Sister’s passing leads to fitness extraordinaire

It often takes a dramatic experience to change a person’s life, including weight loss, but to lose a loved one in order to make a change in your own life is a different experience altogether.

The weight loss industry is one of the largest money making industries through the sale of fad pills and diet products, however people need to know weight loss is not easy and is not a fad.  No pill by itself can do it for anyone long term, it has to be a mental change.  

It wasn’t until the day Albert Rania, a middle aged man from Sydney Australia, received a phone call from his parents in the USA that his sister had suddenly passed away from Cancer at a young age that Albert decided he could no longer live in an obese world.

Albert knew he wanted to be healthier and the best version of himself that he could be and set out to do this. “You have to really want it to achieve it.  You have to make the mental connection in order to truly succeed.” Says Albert.

Albert joined a popular online weight loss program and began to see instant results.  Within 12 weeks Albert had lost over 20 kilos and continued to lose a total of over 50 kilos across 12 months and winning top 3 in the overall transformations in 2 rounds.

Astonishing results and achievements lead Albert to want to help people not have to experience something dramatic before they change, but instead be able to change by their own choice, in the right timing.

Albert says “I’m a big believer in helping people through lessons I have learnt in life, rather than them having to experience them first hand, so I have created my program in order to help people achieve their personal health and fitness goals.”

Albert completed his Certificate IV in Fitness and became a personal trainer.

Albert has developed his own affordable online weight loss program and offers a personalised service to all members that join, including workout plans, nutrition plans completed by qualified personal trainers and nutritionists and personal contact with him to help assist along the way.  

A man that has experienced it all, from bullying at school to being an outcast, Albert has changed and is now on a mission to help others achieve their personal health goals utilising their own mind connection to ensure long term success, one person at a time.

For further information on Albert and his online weight loss program with international access please visit

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